Wooden boxes

At our workshop, creating wooden boxes is an art form. We go beyond the standard, offering personalized solutions that align perfectly with your brand. Our craftsmen ensure every detail matches your specifications, whether it's the precise measurements, vibrant branding, or unconventional colors. With our digital UV printer, multi-colored prints come to life, even on black boxes, adding a touch of elegance to your packaging.

Our old-fashioned screen print, with its timeless appeal, breathes life into branding with 1-3 colors, making your logo and design elements pop.

The sliding lids and split fronts are just the beginning; our innovation knows no bounds.

If you have a unique idea in mind, don't hesitate to share. We've delighted numerous customers over the years with custom, out-of-the-box solutions. Let's collaborate to craft a wooden box that not only matches your products but also exceeds your expectations, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Beyond wines, we craft custom wooden boxes for jam, fish, syrups, spices, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, and more. Elevate your brand with our diverse packaging solutions.

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Wooden boxes

Alpha models

Our alpha-box makes it easy for customers to pack their goods. All the items are placed in the box, and the box...


Alsace Bourgogne is a model where you attach the fronts yourself once your products are placed in the boxes. The fronts…


Our bestseller with a two-part front. The top part of the front is secured here by us, and the bottom piece…


Magnum refers to the bottle size, and these boxes are used for wine or champagne of 1.5 liters. We can…

Wooden boxes for beer

Beer crates can be made in many different ways. We have many who prefer a solid handle with compartments for…

Unique designs

If your product doesn't fit into one of our standard boxes? Don't despair, as we can easily make a box that fits…