Introducing Bacchus, our bestseller featuring a split lid design. The upper lid is securely nailed onto the box, while the lower lid is inserted by your team when the boxes are packed. Crafted from premium Nordic pine tree, both the frame and the lids exhibit superior quality and durability. The bottom, made from 3mm plywood, ensures structural integrity. It's worth noting that all wood used in the production of this box carries FSC certification, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable sourcing and responsible practices.  

Our Magnum boxes are more than just storage; they are sanctuaries for your rarest finds. The interior is meticulously designed to cradle each bottle securely, protecting them from external elements and ensuring that their original essence is preserved for years to come. Velvet-lined compartments and secure fastenings add an extra layer of protection, making our cases a sanctuary of style and security.

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Bacchus 1 btl.

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W8,5 x D8,5cm

Bacchus 2 btl.

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W16,2 x D8,5cm

Bacchus 3 btl.

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W24,1 x D8,5cm

Bacchus 4 btl.

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W32,2 x D8,5cm

Bacchus 6 btl. in 2 layers

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W24,1 x D17,0cm

Bacchus 6 btl.

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W47,7 x D8,5cm

Bacchus Magnum

Inner dimensions: H40,0 x W12,0 x D12,0cm