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Who are we?

Schreibers Packaging stands as a testament to three generations of family craftsmanship, rooted in Tørring, Jutland. We take pride in our legacy of producing and delivering high-quality wooden goods to clients across Europe. What started as a humble furniture workshop has evolved over the years into a thriving enterprise, specializing in the production of wine boxes and displays in the thousands. Under the dedicated leadership of Lars Schreiber, our company continues to flourish. Lars Schreiber oversees the daily operations, ensuring that production, sales, and development operate harmoniously under one roof. This cohesive approach allows us to closely monitor every order, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail. As a family-run business, Schreibers Packaging offers unparalleled reliability and commitment to delivery and quality. Our strength lies in our unity, both within the family and among our dedicated staff – a source of great pride for us.

At Schreibers Packaging, we are deeply committed to sustainability. We exclusively collaborate with FSC-certified wood suppliers, contributing to the preservation of sustainable forests for current and future generations. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices reflects our responsibility towards the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the finest products possible. To achieve this, we prioritize close communication with our clients, minimizing errors and ensuring unique and specialized solutions every single time. We extend an open invitation to join us for a cup of coffee and a tour, allowing you to witness firsthand the craftsmanship and dedication that define our family business.

Welcome to our family enterprise – where tradition, quality, and innovation converge to create exceptional wooden solutions.  

Who are we?

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