Alpha models

Our Alpha model simplifies the packing process with its user-friendly design. The box effortlessly closes with a 3 mm sliding lid crafted from premium Nordic plywood. We have incorporated a small cut in the wood to enhance the ease of sliding the lid up and down, ensuring seamless functionality. For those seeking enhanced product visibility, the Alpha model offers the option of an acrylic lid. Both lid variations are ideal for extensive branding opportunities, allowing you to choose between screen print or digital print techniques according to your preference. The frame of the Alpha model is meticulously crafted from Nordic pine tree, imparting a timeless and luminous aesthetic to the box. The bottom, constructed from 3 mm plywood, ensures durability and stability. We offer the convenience of inserting all lids for you, or if you prefer, we can deliver them on the side, ready to be inserted when your products are placed in the boxes.  

Our Magnum boxes are more than just storage; they are sanctuaries for your rarest finds. The interior is meticulously designed to cradle each bottle securely, protecting them from external elements and ensuring that their original essence is preserved for years to come. Velvet-lined compartments and secure fastenings add an extra layer of protection, making our cases a sanctuary of style and security.  

Choose our Alpha model for an elegant and practical packaging solution that not only showcases your products effectively but also offers seamless customization options tailored to your branding needs.  

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Alpha models

Alpha 1 btl.

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W8,5 x D8,5cm

Alpha 2 btl.

Inner dimensionsl: H33,2 x W17,2 x D8,5cm

Alpha 3 btl:

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W25,2 x D8,5cm

Alpha Magnum

Inner dimensions: H40,0 x W12,0 x D12,0cm

Alpha 6 btl. in 2 layers

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W25,2 x D17,0cm

Alpha 6 btl.

Inner dimensions: H33,2 x W50,5 x D8,5cm