Unique designs

Our bespoke displays are meticulously crafted in collaboration with you. The hallmark of our 'special' displays lies in their unparalleled uniqueness, tailored precisely to your specifications. Whether inspired by your observations at trade shows or driven by your inventive ideas, we thrive on transforming your vision into reality—often surpassing your expectations. We actively encourage your innovative inputs, relishing the challenge of creating visually striking, sustainable, and enduring displays. 

Our team is dedicated to elevating your concepts to a level of sophistication that stands out in any setting. We engage in a proactive dialogue, offering not just craftsmanship, but also strategic partnership. Your imaginative designs become the blueprint for our workmanship, ensuring each display not only captures attention but also sustains its visual appeal over time. 

Rest assured, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. We blend creativity with structural integrity, ensuring every display we deliver not only showcases your products effectively but also aligns seamlessly with your sustainability goals. If you seek a display that transcends the ordinary, we invite you to confidently approach us. Let's collaborate to create a display solution that embodies innovation, sophistication, and lasting impact.

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Unique designs


Custom display with routed shelf fronts. 

Removable header sign, which can be replaced or reversed. 

Optional branding on topsign, sides, and plinth. 

Prices from DKK 825,-


Functional and sleek display with sharp edges and large capacity in the 5 boxes. 

Ideal for bottles or as a promotional display where various items are placed together. 

Topsign can be added between the two columns for branding. 

Prices from DKK795,-


Luxurious display with exquisite detailing at the top. 

Easy to access with a 360-degree view. 

Maximum utilization of all shelves.

Prices from DKK995,-


Easy to access with a 360-degree view. 

The tall shelf edges make this display ideal for tall, slender items. 

Prices from DKK675,-


Fun and unique display shaped like an hourglass.

Double-sided view from two sides, creating an airy and lightweight feel. 

A narrow and optimal display for spaces where size is limited. 

Prices from DKK995,-


Classic slatwall used as a standing display. 

Also available as backside on several of our displays, for example, the Tower.  

Prices from DKK695,-


Store display with wheels, ideal for retail stores where items need to be moved in and out daily. 

Large capacity on the six shelves with access from all sides. 

An airy and lightweight display designed specifically for retail stores.

Optional branding on topsign and the two large back panels.

Prices from DKK1395,-


Simple display with medium-height shelf fronts, ensuring that lightweight or tall items do not topple over. 

Easy to access with a 360-degree view.

Optional branding on topbanner and shelve fronts. 

Prices from DKK795,-